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what we do

We feel having a mission and therefore with so much love we dedicate ourselves to them, who have no voice but much to give. If you happen to be in our oasis, you will soon notice the serenity and harmony that our cats are able to give us.

In our garden, we welcome the "last" ones, those cats that would have no future because abandoned, sick and often mistreated.

We welcome them in the spaces dedicated to them, and with great patience we take care of them, and, we try to establish a relationship of trust with them. When they are ready, we put them in the colony.

Three abandoned kitten cared for by "Mamma Tina" at her house

Another way to help cats in difficulty is to identify stray mothers, follow them during the breastfeeding period (precious is the help of the people who inform us on the cat location) wait for the kittens to become autonomous to be able to take them for any adoption and sterilize the mother .

Sterilization is our most important goal. Every year, the association aims to sterilize all cats that come to our garden in addition to the mothers.

Over the years, we have created a small shelter, where numerous cats can sleep - keep their kennels always clean - and eat - we guarantee a good daily meal.

A special treatment is reserved for puppies. And for those too small to be in the garden and need continuous care, there are human cats mothers, or wonderful friends who are committed to save them, feeding them and keeping them warm.

Another important aspect of our commitment: adoptions. We regularly organize banquets to raise funds and find families to adopt puppies that we want to know happy even far from us !!!

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