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There is a place in Lipari, where a dream has turned into reality

Let me tell you how the dream of three friends passionate about cats has turned into reality...


If you go to Lipari come visit our garden ... feline oasis where live in harmony about 30 happy cats and many puppies in transit ready to be adopted.


The project started back in 2012, when in a land in the municipality reduced to landfill, my friend Lucia and I, Norma, started to look after some poor and battered cats who lived there.

Some time later, came Adeline, making everything even more possible.

Over time, we have cleaned and set up an area of ​​land that, thanks to the fundamental help of the ENPA, friends and supporters, has become a living and welcoming garden.

Today, we take care to recover cats that live in difficult conditions, sick, abandoned, who have suffered from violence, and procure them, cures, food, accommodation and cuddles ... Sterilize stray cats, welcome puppies to find them a home.


Over time, the garden has become a reference point and meeting place, where many people come to ask an advice for their cats, or spend time with cats. Not to mention the children who come to play with the puppies.


In short, it became a magical place where the protagonists are them:

the happy cats of Lipari.

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